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Ideas – These are the photos and concepts that inspire you. Capture them from your mobile phone, upload them from your computer, or find images around the web.

Walls – Our Walls are your collections of ideas. We give each member of our site some default Walls based on the most common rooms of your home, but you are free to create more if you like. Every Wall belongs to a Wall Category helping us categorize the site making it easier for others to find Home Décor Ideas.

Decorators – We believe that everyone is a Decorator. If you own or rent a home, you are a decorator. Of course, there are also professional home decorators and interior designers, but those are different.

Likes – Just as in other social networks, these are Ideas that also inspire you. It is useful for you to ‘like’ another Decorator’s ideas if you think that it is interesting or their inspiration is truly… well … inspiring.

Favorites – A smaller collection that you maintain of the very best Ideas. You don’t have to add everything to your Walls, simply make it a Favorite.

Link/Source – The source URL or website address from which an Idea was added. This source may not be the copyright holder but it is the referring URL that has placed the image onto our website. Thus far, we do not determine if the source is the original copyright holder for the image or whether there are other sources from which the same image can be obtained.

Mini-Sites – These are sub-domains provided for free to our users that allow you to build and operate a dedicated promotional site using the trust established by the domain name. These are very useful for Home Décor Stores or Interior Decorators to promote their collections of products or featured items. Mini-Sites can include objects from all sorts of different websites and operate independently of the main website.

Account Management

How do I set up an account?

You can create a account by clicking here, or by clicking ‘JOIN TODAY’ in the upper right corner of the website.

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

Click here and enter your email address associated with your account. We will email you a link to enter a new password.

Can I change my password?

Of course! Once logged in, choose the ‘SETTINGS’ option from the menu that appears when you hover over your name in the upper right corner. Scroll half way down the page and look for the option to ‘CHANGE PASSWORD’.

How do I delete my account?

Once logged in, choose the ‘SETTINGS’ option from the menu that appears when you hover over your name in the upper right corner. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the ‘DELETE ACCOUNT’ option. This action will permanently Delete your account and it cannot be recovered, so only do this if you are absolutely sure. Note:  deleting your account does not delete any Ideas that were shared. If you want to remove an Idea, you must Delete this prior to deleting your account.

Can I change my email address and username?

Yes. You can do so from within the ‘SETTINGS’ section. Simply type a new email address or Username and push Save.

Idea Management

How do I add an Idea?

There are several ways to add ideas. The easiest way is from the top right corner of any page you will see a ‘POST IDEA’ menu option. Selecting this option will allow you to add an idea from a website address that you enter, or prompt you to upload a photo from your local computer. You can also use our HomeDecor button and add images from websites as you stumble across them. Of course, you can always add ideas by looking at the Walls of other Decorators to see if they can give you inspiration. And finally, we have created a mobile application that allows you to easily add Ideas while you are shopping or out and about. Simply see a home décor idea that inspires you, snap its picture, and upload the image along with your comment to any of your existing walls.

How do I Delete an Idea?

If you need to delete an idea, you can do so by clicking on the ‘EDIT’ control that appears over any idea on your wall or when you view an idea that you have created previously. You will see a ‘DELETE’ button on your Edit Idea page. You cannot undelete an idea.

Can I edit or change my Description, Link, or Wall for an idea?

Yes. These changes are made from within the ‘EDIT IDEA’ page. This is accessible by clicking on the ‘EDIT’ control that appears when you hover over any Idea on your Wall, or when you view an Idea in detail

How/Why Should I add a Price to my Ideas?

A key part of is helping you store your ideas for later purchase, keeping a virtual wishlist of things for your home. If you see something you like, it is good to add a price to it as well. This will not only help you when you are reviewing your Ideas, but we may be able to use this information and see if we can get you a better price than what you have listed. To add a price, simply type a price within your description and ensure you include either a dollar ($) or pound (£) to denote the currency.

Tagging & Commenting

What is Tagging?

Tagging is a core part of the social web and it helps you and other Decorators find common interests.  When you are writing either comments or a description simply add the pound or hash tag (#) prior to a concept and the word that follows will turn into a searchable link. Clicking on a Tag will launch a search of our entire website for that keyword or concept. For example, you might have a tag of #pillows  … and this would initiate a search for other Ideas with the keyword of 'pillow' included.

What is Commenting?

There are two forms of commenting on idea comments and directed comments. An idea comment is simply a follow-on note that is added to an Idea. You can add comments to other Decorators ideas or your own ideas. Depending on your email configuration settings, you may be notified every time someone comments on one of your Ideas and vice versa.  Directed comments, on the other hand, are when you type the @ sign before another Decorator’s username. For example, you may type @JaneSmith in your comment or description. Every time your username is commented in this matter, you may receive a notification via email depending on your email configuration settings.

Do you have other questions? Click here to contact us and we will do our best to help.