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How it Works

It all starts with an idea.

Browse the web or the Walls of others and find photos that inspire you. When you’ve found something that tickles you, select “POST IDEA” from the top menu. From there, you will be asked to either upload your photo or enter a website address to generate an Idea that is posted on your Wall.

Ideas, of course, can be found all over Browse the Walls of other members of the community to see different styles, furniture, accessories, room layouts, color combinations, window treatments, DIY Home Décor projects, restorations, antiques… the list could go on forever.

When you find an idea you like, select the “Share Idea” button and you can add the Idea to your own wall, making little notes for yourself or others.

The HomeDecor Button

We believe that you need to be ready to embrace inspiration whenever it strikes. We are constantly on the lookout for or are building new tools to make it easier for you to capture your ideas when the mood strikes.

To this end, we give you the HomeDecor Button.  Hooray!

This is a non-technical button (called a ‘bookmarklet’) that allows you to capture images or photos from anywhere on the web. All you need to do is drag this button to your Bookmarks/Favorites tab of your web browser

[HomeDecor Button]

Click here to learn more about adding the HomeDecor Button, including specific instructions for FireFox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

After adding the HomeDecor Button to your browser, you can start adding ideas as you stumble across them. For your convenience, when we snap the photo from the website, we will also grab a description and the source URL for proper attribution.

How We Make Money

Many members want to know how we keep the lights on, feed the office dog, or pay for coffee. We make money through several means. Primarily, we provide services to home décor shop owners, brands, and entrepreneurs via our MiniSites and complementary service. Sometimes these services, like premium versions of our MiniSites, are paid for by the site owner.

We also make money by occasionally generating sales from referral services (should our customers buy from certain, preferred businesses) and from advertising.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.