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From MiniSites, Spread BIG IDEAS


Unique to are our MiniSites. These mini-sites use Marketing Name technology from Left of the Dot Media to allow Home Decorators, Designers, Shop Owners, and other entrepreneurs to claim their own piece of as their very own.

Value and Functionality

A MiniSite from gives you a Marketing tool unlike any other. With a MiniSite, you can build a business or promote your own home decorating brand at a unique website address to “the left of the dot” of the domain name. Thus, you could collect your ideas or display your products at a sure-to-catch-attention name like “” or “”.

When you create a unique web address, at, you instantly get a memorable website address that helps define an entire category or geographic area. You also get an address that can rank well in search engines, an address that will get you more click-thrus on your online advertising, and an address that is inherently trusted by potential visitors.

Once you've claimed your MiniSite, you are able to populate it through the following means:

  • Manually: Using the Manual post function, you can upload an Image, Description, Category, Price and External link to create a customized post.
  • RSS Feeds: Manage your RSS Feeds from Pinterest, Tumblr, Wordpress, Amazon or many other websites so they appear on your MiniSite. This useful tool is perfect for linking to an online store, blog, or other database.

How to Claim your MiniSite

Claiming your MiniSite is easy. Just click the 'Claim Your MiniSite' button and you'll be directed to our trusted partner's site. Follow these steps to successfully claim your MiniSite:

  1. Enter your Keyword or MiniSite name. (e.g.,, and click the 'Check Availability' button.
  2. If the name is available, click the 'Continue' button.
  3. Confirm your subscription, and click 'Continue'.
  4. Fill out the Registration form and click 'Register' to continue. Remember, you will not be able to login with your account information. This service requires a separate account.
  5. Confirm your billing information, and complete your transaction. You will be automatically redirected to your dashboard.


We are currently offering MiniSites at a $0 promotional rate. Claim your MiniSite today!